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Website Design

Just about anyone can throw a website up these days. There are multiple services out there that will even provide you with some decent templates. The key is making it look pleasing to the visitor, providing the information you want to convey and making it so that customers won't click away. All this while making it in such a way that the  "search engine spiders" like it too.
As more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the "interwebs", having a site that can adapt to whatever device that person is using is critical.
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Responsive Sites that work on every device

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If I had a dollar for every time I heard "I have an awesome website, but customers can't seem to find it online...", I'd have several dollars.
What most people don't know is what the "spiders" look for in determining who shows first in the web. Only a handful of people know. Most of them own a chunk of Google.
I do, however have a pretty good grasp on what these "spiders" like, and I feed them what they like. And get results.
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Locally-Centered Solutions

Whether you sell flannel pajamas or left shoe laces, you want to make sure that when someone in your city is looking for such things - BAM! you show up as a supplier. Not on page 14 of Google. But on page 1. 
Truthfully, I think if you sell left shoe laces it would be easy, but if you have a business with ANY kind of competition... Let me help you. I know the path. It involves social media, review management, and a few other tricks of the trade I'd rather keep to myself (job security and all..)
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